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JaSiMPA (Java Simple Message Passing API) is a library which makes it extremely simple to create applications that communicate over the internet in P2P style. We created this after having tried several Jabber libraries and noticing that:

a) XML caused computational burden and was not necessary give Java serialization capabilities

b) Although specification exists for "out of band" data transmission in Jabber, no library supported it yet. Passing large amounts of data trough a central server was not an alternative for us.

The best way to appreciate JaSiMPA power and simplicity is to look at the examples.

A list of features:

Satisfaction Guarantee :-) :

We wrote the core of this library in 2 days for the specific task we needed to solve. A search for firewall traversing sync apis which lasted at least 5 minutes failed so we decided to go ahead and create one. This said, we currently believe that JaSiMPA could be useful to others BUT, if you know of an all round better library (that is, same or better (?) usability and more features) please let me know, I'll be glad to link it from here or even publicly encourage to use it instead..


How to create a JaSiMPA server:


ALICE, which can listen to messages and provide a reply:

BOB which will ASK Alice and then express its joy:


15-7-2004 homepage up, urra'!
18-7-2004 Jasimpa 0.7 available at Source Forge. No direct P2P but this is API transparent, that is, there wil be no API change when direct P2P will be available


Download JaSiMPA from the Source Forge page:

Version Status
0.7 Beta


Post bug reports and questions in the JaSiMPA forum


While the above examples should already be enough, Javadoc is available here


LGPL applies, that is, feel free to use it in both Open and Closed source projects but if you modify this library it should stay in the same license scheme


Copyright 2004 - Giovanni Tummarello and Christian Morbidoni