Enabling Semantic Web Communities

About US

DBin's idea, research and implementation has been developed by the people at the:
Semantic Web and Multimedia Group, Universita' Politecnica delle Marche, Italy.

DBin is an Open Source project and we're very friendly folks :-), so don't hesitate to contact us about with respect to DBin and its applicability to specific tasks or other related projects.

Reach us at g.tummarelloatgmail.com or c.morbidoniatdeit.univpm.it


Idea and Architecture: Giovanni Tummarello
Core programming: Giovanni Tummarello, Christian Morbidoni, Onofrio Panzarino, Michele Nucci
RDFGrowth algorithm: Giovanni Tummarello, Christian Morbidoni, Joackim Petersson
Brainlets core programming: Onofrio Panzarino
RDF Digital Signatures, additional programming: Fabio Corneti, Fabio Panaioli, Mauro Mazzieri, Daniele Centurelli
Jasimpa P2P messaging API: Giovanni Tummarello, Christian Morbidoni

Special thanks go to Prof. Francesco Piazza and Prof. Paolo Puliti for the support all along, as well as to Michele Barbera (www.net7.it), Paolo D'Iorio and Oreste Signore (W3C Italian Office).

Last modified 10/Feb/2006.