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Brainlets Basics

Top level view:

Brainlets are "domain specific applications" that run inside DBin. Brainlets provide your local DBin installation with the proper user interface, ontologies (domain vocabularies), rules, annotation types, domain queries to comfortably interact with the topic of choice.

Example screenshot:
1) Once they have been invoked, Brailets appear in the top bar along with other Perspectives such as Knowledge Growth, Trust etc..
2) To invoke a Brailet select it from this button menu or from the "Brailet" top menu
3) A brainlet is composed by multiple, interconnected, views. Views can be resized, moved around or in different screens, stacked (drag and drop a view on top of another), maximized and minimized (double click on the title).
4) Views can be addedd to any brainlets. Plenty of general purpose views are available in the general distribution.
5) Views can have special menues associated, click on the small triangle in the views' corners to visualized them.

A brainlet is usually created and maintained by a domain expert, which maintains the brainlet and its homepage. (and possibly a P2P channel where that brainlet is suggested). No programming is required to create a Brainlet.

You might want to take a look at the available Brainlets or at the creating Brainlets tutorial.

Last modified 2 Feb 2006.