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CKC@WWW2007 Brainlet - supporting Collaborative Knowledge Creation

Concept URI: http://dbin.org/brainlets/ckc#
WebSite: http://dbin.org/brainlets/ckc

This Brainlet has been specifically set up for the tools evaluation activity within the Collaborative Knowledge Creation Workshop colocated with the 16th Word Wide Web Conference. The Brainlet supports browsing, collaborative editing and sharing of RDFS ontologies. It is possible to create a classes taxonomy, properties and instances that can be then shared within a P2P community.

Usign DBIn with CKC Brainlet Tutorial

Known P2P groups associated
  • CKC@WW2007 Group @ SeMedia(Main SeMedia Server)

  • This brainlet comes pre installed with the latest (0.58) DBin build, so there is usually no need to install it manually. If this is not the case:

    Download this brainlet (40k)

    Maintained by : Christian Morbidoni c.morbidoniATdeit.univpm.it

    Last modified 4 Apr 2007.