Enabling Semantic Web Communities



An environment for semantic beer lovers. It is composed by several "views":

- a "Now focusing on.." view, at the very top, showing which resource (URI node) is currently under focus.
- a GuedNavigator to explore the ontology and the elements that match it ;
- a set of views showing different "annotations" (e.g comments, associated images);
- A Knowlodge Growth Agent panel. It's the control center from which a user can spawn a P2P agent to make the knowledge grown and to propagate the knowledge that has been inserted locally.
- a raw RDF graph viewer (Surrounding Triples);

A more recent screenshots shows features such as the "PreCooked queries" (domain specific queries ready to run just by filling the blanks), "simple annotations (simple triples)" vs "advanced annotations (more complex RDF structures such as a direct "beer to beer comparison").

Last modified 12/Nov/2004.